Vegan Chickpea Burger

Finished Burger

Ever since my blender broke two weeks ago I’ve been devastated. I’ve had to part ways with my obsession of having soft-serve fruit ice cream for breakfast. No more smoothies, juice, or non-chunky soups and sauces. You can imagine my pain.

Ispent a good hour last night drooling over my keyboard. I don’t know about you, but my habitat on the internet seems to be awash with burgers. Beef burgers, ramen burgers, sushi burgers, sliders (do they count?), bacon burgers, fish burgers… you name it, someone’s been there, done that, taken pictures, uploaded recipes, and gone back for seconds.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. There are ton and tons of vegan burger recipes on the internet, but all of which require a food processor or blender of some sort. Which I don’t have. Ugh.

Going through my kitchen cupboard though I found a can of chickpeas, and I decided to go along with that as a base of my burger patty and see what I would end up with.

Mashing Chickpeas

 Mashing chickpeas with a fork isn’t boring or fun. Just picture yourself sitting down in front of the cutting board and squashing those little balls of fluffy goodness into a little mound of fluffy goodness. That’s basically what it’s like. It didn’t take as long as I’d imagined though. Probably ten minutes?

Mashed Chickpeas

When that was done I decided to add a little almond meal, which I made by grating whole almonds. Cue the scraped fingertips and chipped nails. Ouch.

Grating Almonds

That was about 20 almonds, which made about a third of a cup of almond meal. It came out as little slivers of curly almondy flakes.

Grated AlmondsSee the little nubby bits of almonds? I couldn’t grate those without grating my own fingers as well, and they totally didn’t end up in my tummy afterwards. Ha.

Mortar and Pestle and Spices

The spices: cumin, coriander, black mustard, carom, and kalonji. I toasted on a tiny frying pan that I normally reserve for this very purpose. I love using this combination of spices in my hummus, and it’s a no-brainer to use it in my burger, too.

Random observation: the mustard seeds are always the first ones to pop, and end up looking like mini popcorn kernels.


Lookin’ so pretty. I also added some salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Cover Picture

Basically what happens afterwards is a lot of mushing (is that even a word?) together with my hands. I split the mixture into two and heated them through in the frying pan with a little oil. This burger is very low in fat, and I could even bake the patties in the oven to make it oil-free.

After that it was assembly time. Whole wheat burger buns (you can get the recipe here), tahini mustard, butter lettuce, pickled onions, tomato, and alfalfa and fenugreek sprouts, with our star of the show slap bang in the middle. Just thinking about it now as I type is making my mouth water.

Bad news: I’m not going to put up a recipe, yet. While the burger is absolutely delicious, the texture is still a little too crumbly for my taste.  I realise that’s why there are a bunch of binding ingredients like flax meal and breadcrumbs in vegan burger recipes. I’m going experiment a little more to get the texture right and in the process consume a ridiculous amount of ‘failures’. You bet I will post the recipe when I do.

In the meantime, I’ll go finish off the rest of my not-quite-yet-a-burger burger. 😉

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