Chewy Rice Balls in Coconut Milk (Ginataang Bilo-Bilo)

The other day I visited the World Wide Plaza in Central with Evelyn, and after being treated to a lovely lunch of taro greens, jackfruit, rice, and halo-halo, she showed me around the place. It was a wonderful jumble of stores selling all sorts of things- Filipino souvenirs, fast food, snacks, clothing, DVDs, toys, jewelry… You name it, and they probably have it!

One thing I didn’t get to try there was ginataang bilo-bilo, for the simple reason that I was absolutely stuffed! But Evelyn promised to teach me make it at home, and I promised to write about her recipe. So here it is, ginataang bilo-bilo in all its glory- with many thanks to Evelyn, until I can properly return the favour! 🙂

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Strawberry Marmalade with Lavender Scones

Dippy Jam 3

The other day Evelyn brought home some beautiful strawberries and left them on my desk. And they smelled so good! Fresh, sweet, summery and perfumed. As the afternoon wore on I battled the intense desire to gobble them up then and there, and the result of my victory is this luscious strawberry marmalade that goes wonderfully with freshly baked lavender scones.

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