Cucumber & Mango ‘Noodle’ ‘Soup’

The weather is starting to warm up, and I’m positively rejoicing! Not only can I sport shorts around the house, but mangos and nectarines and other not-wintry fruits and produce are starting to show up more at the market. I don’t really know if they’re seasonal… but something’s better than nothing at all!

Apart from mangos, I also came across some lovely Thai basil for 6 HKD a bunch at an Indonesian speciality stall at the market. And just a few posts ago I was lamenting to lack of affordable sweet basil… Sweet and Thai basil are definitely not the same, but I got pretty excited! Because though I can’t make any pesto with Thai basil, I love its flavours combined with mango, and I had something wonderful in mind- ‘noodle’ ‘soup’!

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Coconut Tomato Soup


I’ve been wanting to share this recipe for a while now. Don’t let the apparently weird combination of flavours put you off- trust me, it works! It’s a staple in my what-to-cook-for-dinner repertoire and it’s been well received by everybody who’s tasted it, including my brother who isn’t the biggest fan of soup!

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