Pink Lady Smoothie

Smoothie Glass Wood (670x1024)

Most mornings my breakfast consists of a ginormous smoothie that I guzzle up on my way out the door. And unlike that dainty little glass of pinkness above, I do mean ginormous– I normally chug them from a passata bottle that measures 750mL, filled to the brim and sometimes followed by a refill!

My smoothie habit has been invaluable- getting my fix of carbs and sugar done in five minutes means I can get to my lessons on time despite hitting snooze twice! 🙂 This smoothie is something a little fancier, and instead of five minutes you’ll need perhaps seven, but rest assured! You will be rewarded with an awesomely pretty smoothie that will make you feel oh-so-very ladylike.

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Strawberry Marmalade with Lavender Scones

Dippy Jam 3

The other day Evelyn brought home some beautiful strawberries and left them on my desk. And they smelled so good! Fresh, sweet, summery and perfumed. As the afternoon wore on I battled the intense desire to gobble them up then and there, and the result of my victory is this luscious strawberry marmalade that goes wonderfully with freshly baked lavender scones.

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